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22 Ways My Imperfect Mother is Perfect

"Look at your beautiful mom. She brightens everybody's day with that smile." I was 9 and Kathy was 8 and we were sitting in what passed for the backseat of our blue MG convertible. We watched through the big glass window at 7-eleven as our mother chatted and laughed...

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Ted Cruz: Spanking Comes Down To Who We Are

  Note to my readers: Just over an hour after posting this article, Senator Ted Cruz announced his withdrawal from the Presidential Race. Cruz could handle the slings and arrows from Trump, but apparently my middle cinnamon roll blog was the straw that broke the...

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DMV or Enema? Enema, Please!

My stomach is already in knots. Thomas and I are headed to the Arleta DMV for his 8:00 AM driving test. I choke up as he quietly lists his “rules of the road” while merging onto the 170 freeway. He is sixteen and already the best (unlicensed) driver I’ve ever ridden...

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I have two cars and four people on my insurance policy, three of which are under the age of 25 and, God help me, one of those is a 16-year-old boy. Yeah. My insurance premium is a million dollars a month. (Note to preschool-applying, college-funding parents of...

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9/11 And How it Changed Me

If we are old enough, we remember that horrible moment in September, 2001. The moment we heard. That morning was no different from any other morning. But then, in an instant, it was. And it changed everything. How did we make sense of it for our children? How do we...

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An open response to the ignorant and disrespectful post to the basic rules of humanity, written by Matt Walsh for The Blaze.  A decade after we met, I sat across the Studio City California Pizza Kitchen table from my high school soul sister. She put the silly in my...

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No More Spanking – Part 2

Okay, I admit it. I screwed up. By using the word “bully” in the title of my last post, If You Hit Your Child, You Are a Bully, I insulted a LOT of people and for that, I apologize. In my attempt to bring more awareness to the options available to us in lieu of...

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