22 Ways My Imperfect Mother is Perfect

"Look at your beautiful mom. She brightens everybody's day with that smile." I was 9 and Kathy was 8 and we were sitting in what passed for the backseat of our blue MG convertible. We watched through the big glass window at 7-eleven as our mother chatted and laughed...

Fall Back ~ How I Spent My Extra Hour

Oh, the glee of falling asleep, anticipating the precious gift of a whole extra hour. With a house full of people, my sister slept in my bedroom with me during her visit from Alaska and we were immediately transported, decades earlier, as she flung her leg over me,...

The Middle Cinnamon Roll

Kathy and I were 3 and 4 years old and every Sunday morning, Mom made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Before we could even devour the last gooey, sticky bite, we were counting the days until the following Sunday. By the time we were 5 and 6, Mom and Dad awoke to the scent...

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