A former concert pianist from Los Angeles to New York City and back, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from CalArts, turned stay-at-home mom, turned single mom, Trina is no stranger to bouncing back from repeated failure and the persistent consistency required for every single success, no matter how big or small.

During her music career, she toured the U.S., Europe and Japan, performing in many major cities and venues such as Kobe’s Xebec Hall, L.A.’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and New York’s Symphony Space, among many others. She was a featured performer in the 1990s’ Mel Powell retrospective at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. celebrating his Pulitzer Prize for Musical Composition and she contributed to the subsequent CD compilation. Trina was a member of the Daniel Lentz Group for six years and worked with a variety of award-winning, local and international contemporary composers in addition to Powell and Lentz on World and U.S. Premiere performances of new music and studio recordings.

Upon separating from the father of her three children, Trina attempted to jump-start her music career, but discovered the difficulty in raising three small children on the discordant (and sometimes non-existent) salary it provided, along with an unpredictable schedule. So, after a financially insulting year back in the teaching and performing world, she modeled brand new career hats, including that of a marketing director for a Santa Monica aviation law firm and managing the practice of a prominent Los Angeles entertainment attorney.

Trina has been described as overly-optimistic, too trusting, open to just about anything and a progression and adventure devotee. She is a fitness fanatic who cycles, hikes, swims, scuba-dives and will sometimes attempt a stunt (like jumping out of an airplane) because someone told her not to. But nothing has brought her more gifts, education, laughs, surprises and joy than her three children.

Which brings us to this website…


Here is what being a single mom has taught her:

  • Money is vital, but it does not buy the most important things.


  • We are stronger than we think we are and there is a positive solution to every problem.


  • Sometimes crying our eyes out is necessary.


  • When we are done crying, we must find the laughter and share it with our children.


  • We create many of our own obstacles, we are the only ones who can remove them, and we are capable of incredible things.


  • Listening and collaborating are necessities, and consistency is essential to trust.


  • Loving ourselves inspires our children and the most powerful results are in the ways it affects them.


  • Kids don’t miss a thing and it is our choice whether we want to be positive or negative role models. Either way, they will see the truth.


  • No matter how much someone else wants to control the choices we make, staying true to ourselves and making healthy choices for our children is always a win/win.


  • Being independent and self-sufficient teaches our kids independence and self-sufficiency.


  • Actions truly speak louder than words.


  • Acknowledging our mistakes and apologizing to those we have hurt is the only path to forward movement.


  • Every choice we make has a direct impact on our children, it is our choice whether to hurt them or to help them and helping them helps everyone.


  • Forgiveness is everything.


  • Being a mom is the BEST job in the world and she’s got this. All by herself.


Trina is a passionate advocate for the rights of children and her main goal in raising her three was to non-judgmentally cultivate their individual intellectual, physical and creative processes through the art of punishment-free parenting techniques. It worked. And now she is here to share those techniques with you.

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